Herbalism :: Identify & Harvest Wild Medicinal Plants


Learn to identify and harvest easy to find plants from the wild that are commonly used in herbal medicine.


Instructor Paul Henderson
Category Health & fitness
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Skill Level intermediate
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There is plant medicine growing all around us. The World Health Organization found that 25% of prescription drugs come directly from plants and another 25% are synthesized from plants. But there is so much more plant medicine available to us than pharmaceuticals. It’s called herbal medicine and it’s been keeping us healthy throughout history. Modern science is now backing up what has been known for thousands of years. The most beautiful part of herbal medicine is that we can find in our backyards or really anywhere there are green things growing. Medicinal plants grow at your front doorstep, they grow in the forest, old farm fields or even right up through the cracks in the city. You can easily learn a few medicinal plants at a time that are useful for many common ailments. This course covers the most common medicinal plants found in many parts of the world. You’ll learn where you are likely to find each plant. You will then learn how to identify the plant and in some cases learn which plants look similar. You will learn when to harvest the plant and how it’s used as medicine. We’ll cover it all. I know you’ll find this course truly empowering so join in and discover the amazing medicine growing around you. Plants are people’s medicine! Who is the target audience? Anyone interested in health, nature or working with wild plants.

   Build confidence in working with highly beneficial plants

   Identify the most common and useful medicinal plants

   Understand how to harvest plants for the greatest effectiveness

   Understand how to use plants for ultimate health and wellbeing

   There are no prerequisites for this course

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