Affinity Photo: Raw Image Development


Use Affinity Photo's Develop Persona to Enhance Raw Images


Instructor Matthew Scott
Category Photography
Students 1
Timeline 0
Skill Level beginner
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Developing a RAW image means taking your photos to the next level. Developing it with Affinity Photo means access to all the powerful tools Serif have given us. But why exactly does a RAW file offer so much more than a jpeg? Why can you do certain things with it but not others? Why does it look so... bad at first? Aimed at newcomers to RAW processing, this course, with over 3.5 hours of content, gives you the knowledge you need to take your photos to the next level. Theory, explanation of all the major tools, and 10 extra develop videos (with the RAW files supplied to you for practice) that take you though different workflows. By the end you will know what a RAW file is, what you can, should and shouldn't do with it, and whats more; you'll be able to tackle RAW files with confidence.

   Develop Raw files in Affinity Photo

   Know what a Raw file is

   Know the advantages and problems associated with Raw files

   Need Affinity Photo installed on their computer

   Access to Raw files (although 10 are provided for training purposes)

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