UI Design with Photoshop from Beginner to Expert in 15 days


Ultimate guide for Beginners to learn Photoshop & User Interface Design for Web Design & Mobile App Design in two week


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Category Design
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Skill Level intermediate
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Do you think that UI Designers use Photoshop in the same way as other Designers? Do you know what are the basic concepts, settings and tools UI Designers know and you don’t? So if you want to learn UI Design with Photoshop and upgrade your confidence and Skill levels in Photoshop; this course is for YOU. This course is equally good for Beginners and Experts so don’t worry if you haven’t used Photoshop before.

   Start your Career as UI Designer

   Learn the settings necessary for UI Design Process

   Learn all the Basic tools of Photoshop for UI Design

   Start using Photoshop with solid foundation in UI Design

   Learn all the Photoshop Shortcuts for UI Design

   How to use Photoshop Extensions to speed up UI Desing Process

   Tips and Techniques for Efficient usage of Photoshop for UI Design

   Learn how to use Custom Scripts in Photoshop for UI Design

   Passion to become a UI Designer

   Minimum Photoshop CC or Latest version of Photoshop

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